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Chemical Grouting & Pipe Sealing Lakeland, Fl

Why Choose Chemical Grouting & Pipe Sealing Technology?

Since 1982 Bay Area Environmental Services has provided Lakeland, Tampa, Clearwater, Jacksonville, and all surrounding areas with expert chemical grouting and pipe sealing technologies. Many municipalities face the on-going problem of ground water infiltration in their sewer systems, manholes, and other elements of their substructure due to an aging infrastructure. Because this can lead to the exfiltration of sewage from pipes the result can be the contamination of storm sewers and groundwater. Fortunately, there is a time-tested solution to repair damaged pipes that is also very economical and long lasting. Bay Area Environmental Services is the leader in chemical grout and pipe sealing technology in Tampa and the surrounding area. Use of chemical grouting eliminates the need for the full-scale relining of damaged pipe and is considered “trenchless” technology as there is no need to exhume the damaged pipe.

When Chemical Grouting is the Best Solution for Leaks and Failing Joints

Before it can be determined that chemical grouting is the best solution for damaged pipe the condition of the pipe must be evaluated. Often this is done with CCTV technologies. Bay Area Environmental Services are experts in the application of CCTV or remote robotic video imaging. If it’s determined that the pipe has developed a leak but is still structurally sound it’s first necessary to inspect and clean the areas of the pipe that will need to be grouted. The next step involves the use of “Packers”. Packers are inflatable plugs that are placed strategically in the affected areas of pipe. They are guided to the area to be serviced by a CCTV camera attached to the packer. When the packer is inflated, grout is pumped in to the damaged section and forced through leaks and failing joints into the soil surrounding the pipe. After the application of the grout the packer is deflated, and the grout hardens. A test is then run where compressed air is run through the packer to determine that the grout has sealed the crack and moved outside the pipe and in to the soil. If necessary, the process can be repeated. In some instances where pipe relining is to take place chemical grouting will precede the relining process to insure no ground water leakage occurs between the host pipe and the new liner.

Common Applications for Chemical Grouting & Pipe Sealing

  • Manhole Joint Sealing. Used to prep the damaged area and prevent water infiltration prior to a coating being applied to the inside of the manhole
  • Sealing mainline joints prior to lining. This stabilizes the soil around the mainline joint and fills any voids outside the pipe
  • Used to grout laterals, similar to the grouting of a mainline pipe. This is less expensive and effective and eliminates the need for pipe re-lining

When You Need Pipe Repair Services

Whether you think you already have a sewer, manhole or pipeline problem or you just want to insure your system stays in great condition, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance reviews from Bay Area Environmental. And if we do identify a problem, Bay Area Environmental has the expertise to correct and fix the problem. Call Today to schedule your inspection.