Lift Station, Manhole & Catch Basin Cleaning

The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Maintenance to Lift Stations, Manholes & Catch Basins

The experts at Bay Area Environmental Services know how important it is for scheduled maintenance to insure the integrity of modern municipal sewer systems and commercial properties. Since 1982 we have been the leader in Tampa and the surrounding area in lift station, manhole and catch basin cleaning. In the course of time, gravel, mud, sediments, grease, oil and various other debris will settle in pipes, catch basins and lift stations. Without regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning this can lead to serious problems. No municipality, city or town wants to be faced with sewer related problems! Bay Area Environmental offers a variety of proven and reliable methods to maintain the integrity of your sewer system and keep the following components working efficiently:

Lift Stations:

Lift stations are a vital part of any sewage system. As the name implies, a lift station allows for the pumping of raw sewage from lower elevations to higher elevations, so it can be moved along the sewer system. Because they are more complex than other aspects of a sewer system they require scheduled maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Lift stations include a screen that removes larger materials, and pumps to move the wastewater to the higher elevation, alarm systems, and odor control and ventilation systems. While these systems have become more reliable, they still require scheduled maintenance to keep them in good working order. Materials like grease and oils can penetrate a filter or screen but are too viscous to be moved to higher elevation via a pump. As these accumulate they will create clogs and reduce the efficiency of the lift station. If not maintained a lift station breaks serious problems can ensue. This was very evident in those areas of Florida hit hardest by Hurricane Irma where countless lift stations failed creating a sewage nightmare.

Catch Basins, Manholes & Storm Drains:

Storm Drains, and Catch Basins are designed to capture and prevent rain fall from accumulating in flat areas. By capturing this water, flooding can be prevented as well as potential damage to the foundation of buildings. They are also useful in preventing sewage backups when the volume of rain is excessive. While this sounds simple, storm drains come in a variety of types, including catch basins, injection wells, slab-covered trenches, French drains, soakage pits and retention boxes or ponds. These kinds of storm drains also require scheduled maintenance to remove the debris that will naturally gather in them. Should debris cause a back log or flooding ensues, manholes can become clogged and structural damage to your buildings can be the result.

Bay Area Environmental Offers a Wide Range of Solutions

In our business we recognize that every job is different and often requires a unique approach and specialized equipment to deal with the problem. Bay Area Environmental offers a wide variety of solutions to meet any sewer system problem including the following:

  • Combination Jet-Vac Trucks – Bay Area Environmental has invested in the most sophisticated Jet Vac technology available. Our trucks can remove all types of debris from rocks, sand, sediments and other obstructions through a powerful vacuum system. We remove solids and liquids from lengths and depths of over 100’. With a water pump capable of 3,000 psi of pressure, a 1,500-gallon water tank and 3,000-gallon debris tank, Bay Area Environmental can handle any lift station or storm drain situation. When hard deposits are found such as calcites and protruding laterals, the system is equipped with flail cutters that can ream these harder deposits. Our combination Jet-Vac trucks are ideal for applications such as waste water collection systems, storm water drainage systems and lift stations, manholes and catch basins.
  • Flusher Trucks for Smaller Diameter Pipe – When dealing with pipe of smaller diameter flusher trucks are an ideal solution. These utilize high pressure to clean small diameter pipes. When it’s determined there is damage to pipe and a pipe rehabilitation technique needs to be employed, flusher trucks can clean the lateral piping prior to repairs being made. During this process of cleaning, flushing, flailing or reaming of the pipe, no structural damage is inflicted on the pipe
  • Robotic Cutter Service – In some instances where it’s necessary to remove very hard deposits such as calcites, concrete, lime, or the roots of trees that have penetrated a pipe, we employ robotic cutter technology in conjunction with our CCTV technology. Robotic cutters allow for the smoothing of a defective off-set joint or the trimming of protruding laterals so that they remain flush with the existing pipe. Among other uses for robotic cutters are the removal of a protruding gasket, the reinstatement of lateral connections after lining the pipe, or in a complete pipe rehabilitation. This can restore the pipe to normal pipe flow capacity with no disruption to the system.

Peace of Mind with Scheduled Maintenance

As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. While your lift stations, pipes, and manholes are certainly out of sight, it’s important to stay ahead of potential costly problems and repairs. Whether you think you already have a sewer or pipeline problem or you just want to insure your system stays in great condition, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance reviews from Bay Area Environmental. And if we do identify a problem, Bay Area Environmental has the expertise to correct and fix the problem. Call Today to schedule your inspection.

Bay Area Environmental Services is a

Certified Point Repair Installer of New and Existing Pipes for approved FDOT methods

Certificate Number: U-0419-070304921

How Bay Area Environmental Services Exceeds Your Expectations

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  • On-time scheduling and completion of all projects.
  • With over 100 years of combined experience, we are experts in Florida's water, sewer & pipeline water infrastructure.

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