Manhole Assessment & Rehabilitation Lutz, Fl

The Importance of Manhole Assessment & Rehabilitation

For manhole assessment & rehabilitation in Lutz, Florida look to the professionals at Bay Area Environmental Services.  Since 1982 we have been the company towns, municipalities, and utilities have turned to for manhole assessment & rehabilitation in Tampa and the surrounding area. Manholes have often been referred to as the “windows” of the sewer system. Many of these manholes suffer from deterioration and structural degradation. One of the main causes of this is hydrogen sulfide induced corrosion. Other causes include poor construction and poor quality of construction materials. It’s estimated that in the United States alone there are approximately 20 million manholes of which at least 4 million are 50 years or older, with another 5 million being 30 to 50 years old. Manhole rehabilitation involves the correction of structural support problems associated with the manhole, and failure to correct these problems can lead to sinkholes and other disastrous consequences. A manhole that has deteriorated through corrosion may also allow material to fall in to the wastewater flow causing backups within the system causing major sewer problems.  Call or contact Bay Area Environmental for expert manhole assessment and rehabilitation in Lutz.

How Bay Area Environmental Inspects and Repair Damaged Manholes

While there are circumstances that will involve the use of mini video camera technologies to inspect and determine how best to repair a damaged manhole, often this is done through confined space entry by a trained technician from Bay Area Environmental Services. The most common problems that cause the need for manhole rehabilitation are as follows:

  • Inflow of rain water through loose covers and gaps in the frame or chimney of the manhole. These are usually restored by sealing these gaps and leaks and may require the replacement of the manhole lid. It may also require re-grouting of inlet and outlet piping
  • Infiltration of groundwater via cracks, fractures and loose joints. This is very common, but another negative outcome is that wastewater may exfiltrate through these cracks and fractures if the groundwater table is below the manhole invert or bottom elevation. In these cases, it may be necessary to reline the surfaces of the manhole. There are several proven and reliable mortars, geopolymers, calcium aluminates, cured-in-place composites similar to CIPP, (Cured in Place Polymers) used in pipeline rehabilitation, fiberglass and cement linings that can be used to remedy the problem
  • Corrosion is more of an issue with concrete manholes and is caused by sulfuric acid which is created as a by product of oxidation of hydrogen sulfide by sulfur oxidizing bacteria. This can create extensive erosion and the thinning of the manhole wall that can result in a major structural failure. To repair this condition, it’s necessary to reline the manhole structure or utilize manhole inserts
manhole rehabilitation Lutz
  • Cracks & Fractures are often the result of poor construction practices, soil movement, the use of inferior construction materials and heavy external loads. As these conditions create cracks or fractures in the manhole structure, further damage is inflicted by the infiltration of water that expands these cracks and fractures. As with corrosion, it’s necessary to reline the manhole structure or utilize manhole inserts. Injection holes are drilled through the manhole wall to intersect these cracks and install sealing materials
  • Loose Joints are similar to a crack or fracture and lead to the same results. While manhole strength may not be affected this does result in leaks that in time will cause further erosion. Again, injection holes are drilled through the manhole walls to intersect with cracks and joints and a sealant material is installed

Peace of Mind with Scheduled Maintenance

As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. While your manholes are certainly out of sight, it’s important to stay ahead of potential costly problems and repairs. Whether you think you already have a manhole problem or you just want to insure your system stays in great condition, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance reviews from Bay Area Environmental. And if we do identify a problem, Bay Area Environmental has the expertise to correct and fix the problem. Call Today to schedule your manhole inspection